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Lower software costs CoManagerProf®
Microsoft Windows-, free or Enterprise Linux, our solutions of the CoManager®-Series are applicable on almost all
operating systems.
The CoManager®-Series is developed as a webbased
client-server-application that is accessed via web browser, which allows the use of advantage of a thin-client environment.

This architecture enables a flexible license model, f.e. participates in priced on a per-user basis, hosted and managed on our application server.
Minimum hardware costs
This cross-platform ability offers outsourcing to an application service provider (ASP) or our application server.
For predictable IT cost transparency with simultaneous reduction of capital commitment, resp. the
total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) to a minimum.
No arise of futher sunk costs attributable to hardware purchase, administration and maintenance.
Central data storrage, business relavant informations in only one data pool. The access capability of several locations, with different forms of telecommuting and offers you IT-based cooperation with other companies
(B2B), f.e. with a view in stock levels for determining delivery times or E-procurement.

Multi-user ability, configurable user accounts with personal settings and including access control ensures simultaneously operations, on only this software-modules and subprograms, which comply with the users permission.

Permission- functions authorize your employees only for work stages up to specified limited amounts.
History-functions displaying information about executed work stages of employees in time and date.

Simplicity, user-friendly dialogs und ergonomic workflows reduces the changeover phase to a minimum and saves your employees precious time.
Nothing failing
Built-in Notification Manager informs automatically about e.g. expiring payment deadlines of the accounting software CoManagerAccount® or dropping below the stock minimum in CoManagerMerchand®.
In case of under-, resp. overrun specific values, the Notification Manager automatically process E-Mail notifications to free definable addressees- and distribution lists, or messages will be displayed on the screen of responsible employees.
Simply safe
With included backup- and archiving functions you are saving your application data according to demand or automated in specified intervals agains the risk of hardware failure, theft, erasing, resp. overwriting deliberated or by mistake.
Identity formation at the same moment
Simple changeable of the graphical user interfaces.
Your CoManager®-Solution becomes "this" identity which match the specifications of the Corporate Design. The effect of this visual language increases the identification and motivation of the staff, as more obvious the company and its employees inwards and outwards grow together.
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