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Managed Services
The idea behind this is simple as well as brilliant: Instead of buying software, resp. hardware, intall and run on the own computers, only the use (on-demand) of the software has to be paid. You can adjust a contract period (three months and up) flexibly to suit your demands. No additional IT investments. No licence costs. No ongoing operation costs. Quick and flexible implementation. Maximum operating safety.
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Extending and enhancing existing software-modules to a flexible, safe, high-quality and individualized solutions. Tailored to your individual requirements and to ensure the achievement of your strategic corporate objectives. Quick and cost-effective. Dynamical adaptation to changing business challenges. Addressed to your unique business needs. No vendor dependency of standard solutions.
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In case of no existing business solution software on the market matching your tasks, our custom development delivers high-quality solutions tailored to your individual requirements.
Thus no adjustment of in-house processes and no correlation to the range of functions of standard software. no adjustment of in-house work flow to standard software. Maximum flexibility. Tailored to your individual demands. No vendor dependency of standard solutions.
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Ensuring the successful implementation and the long-term operation of your CoManager®-solution. From procurement and installation of hardware and infrastructure, through to the complete system-check. Optimum performance and system availability by properly configured hardware and infrastructure. Only high-end systems of the market leaders. Complete, ready-to-use solution.
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Performance & Security
We achieve that your IT environment is properly configured, enabling you to achieve optimum solution performance, system availability, while protecting your operations from security threats. To get the solution you need to support your business processes and achieve your business goals. Optimization of infrastructure for optimum performance. Firewall to block scanning, attacks, and other hostile activity from external networks. Proxy to block undesirable contents and web-sites. Backup to avoid data loss.
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